Saturday, June 17, 2006

Waiting Impatiently

Well, I was going to wait to post until I knew the results of the Happily Ever After contest, but they have not called, e-mailed or posted anything yet. So, my friend Deb and I just sit around and wait. And try to find other things to do to keep us busy in our respective homes.

I haven't worked much on my own manuscript lately simply because I was helping my CP finish up hers. And I had a bunch of other things to do as well. I'm hoping to get a few pages in this weekend, but starting next week I should be able to put some serious time into finishing my manuscript. YAY!

However, I have HUGELY been enjoying my summer vacation! Makes me wish I could win the lottery and never have to work again. But then, I guess I'd actually have to play the lottery, huh?


Bailey Stewart said...

We have to actually play the lottery to win? That's what I've been doing wrong. *gg*

Your book went in the mail Friday.

Elisabeth Naughton said...

Yay for summer vacation! I've been in a reading mode, too. Gotta get back to the writing soon...

Lexi said...

Eve, thanks so much! And yeah, the actual lottery ticket helps.

Elisabeth, yeah, we actually do have to do the writing to see our books in print someday!

Bailey Stewart said...

We have to actually write to get our books in print? Something else I've been doing wrong. Can't they just hook up electrodes and download the blasted thing?

Ooops, and a name change, but it's me.