Sunday, August 27, 2006


Okay, maybe only in my own little world. But still, I'm allowed to think it.

I've spent both days of my weekend working on a different story, a romantic suspense story that I started last year and only wrote 100 pages for. After my disasterous (okay, maybe too strong) attempt at a contemporary, I had to write some suspense just to start believing in myself and my talent again.

It paid off. I've got a 25-page first chapter that I love. I'm working on the synopsis and then I have to figure out when I'll be able to finish this book (RR). I say this because my contemporary turned suspense must be revised ASAP.

I love my Scottish village (as you all know). My Scottish book is done. Yes, it has HUGE revisions ahead, but now that I've decided to turn it into a suspense, I can have fun putting the pieces together and revamping my plot. This book is still close to my heart and is scheduled for contests and queries in the not-so-distant future. Also, since this one is the only thing I have close to being completely done, this manuscript, FP, is the one I'm entering in the Golden Heart this year.

Too much to do and still not enough hours in the day. Guess I better make the most of them, huh?


Elisabeth Naughton said...

I am so GLAD someone loves their first chapter!!!

Now, tell me how you did it because after three rewrites, I STILL don't love my first chapter!

Lexi said...

My secret? I started this one about a year and a half ago. I wrote the crappie first draft of the 1st chapter and the other crappie 75 pages. Then I put it aside and wrote 2 other books. After attempting to write my contemporary, I needed some juicy suspense material to play with. And voila!