Friday, August 25, 2006

A Perfect Marriage

I was about to put up a post that read "We Interrupt This Blog For A Major Revelation. I Suck!" My CP gently took my first chapter that I so lovingly fashioned and again pointed out all the problems. Yes, that's what a good CP is for and I'm eternally grateful for her because in my heart and soul, I love the story, but I knew the problems were still there.

So, I watched TV. And had some tea. And thought and thought and thought some more about my jump into contemporary manuscripts. For an ego boost, I decided I would write a little suspense tonight because I KNOW I can do that well. That is and always has been my strength. But I just had to take a 10 month detour and write this contemporary that STILL isn't finished.

So, I had another cup of tea. And decided to fix my latest RS (which already has a chunk written) and submit that for those contests I wanted to enter next week. And I started to think again about why I'm torturing myself with a contemporary when I'm obviously having so much trouble with it. I have learned SOOOOOOOOOO much over these 10 months so I will never regret the time spent, but something else poked into my head.

I am a suspense writer. That's where my strengths are, that's the first type of book I pick up to read. I have to go back to that. And these thoughts led to one more. Why can't I combine my love for my fictional Scottish village with my love & talent in RS?

So, tomorrow FP's first chapter gets ANOTHER face-lift. This will be draft 5, but I really feel it's the right choice. It also seems that my characters have been trying to tell me that all along and only my CP has picked up on the message. Until now.

My weekend goal has now morphed into fixing 2 RS entries for those contests next week. If both don't get done, so what? I will enter both contests with at least one manuscript. Wouldn't it be awesome though if it could still be FP? I'll let you know!


Devon Ellington said...

You just keep at it. Even if you've got a favorite, comfortable type/genre of work, sometimes the story demands to be told elsewhere and else-how. It's part of honing your craft.

You just keep honing and learning and growing and moving beyond your comfort zone.

You'll be surprised at what you'll achieve!

Catherine Avril Morris said...

I didn't realize you'd been through so much with FP -- emotionally, drafts-wise and otherwise. Wow. You've got dedication and passion and'll definitely get that Call!

Btw, my word-verification word, "gfawhngn," sounds like what you might utter when you're in the middle of laughing and then someone sucker-punches you in the gut. :)