Thursday, August 31, 2006

Not A Genius, Just A Big Fat Liar

I'm not reading The First Mistake by Merline Lovelace. I haven't even cracked the spine yet. I have gone back to Ain't She Sweet? Wanna know why?

My current manuscript, FP, isn't a suspense. It is, was and always will be a contemporary romance. I was just feeling sorry for myself and thinking that I couldn't handle writing contemporary. Know what? Maybe I can't, but this story and these characters refuse to let me turn it into a suspense. And like a good author, I'm listening to the voices in my head and saving the stalkings and attempted murders for my next RS manuscript.

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Elisabeth Naughton said...

Funny how you can't force a book or characters to do or be something they're not? No matter if you're a panster or plotter, a book just has a life of its own.

And I think you're being smart, btw. Follow your characters. ;)