Thursday, September 11, 2008

I Shouldn't Have Had That Coke

Coke: We had Open House at school tonight so I stayed at school until it was over instead of coming home and going back. If I came home, it would take an act of Congress to get me back the same night. I had a tiny Weight Watchers meal for dinner and I was still hungry. So I went to the convenience store and got some peanut M & Ms and a Coke. As I drank the soda, I thought about how caffeine keeps me awake. So yep, I'm wired now just before 11. Hhhmmm, what will I do?

Query: I wrote one. It was horrible. I did research. I'm ready to tackle it again. Today I started thinking I've come so far and Danger is such an AWESOME story I WILL NOT BE DEFEATED BY A LOUSY QUERY LETTER! Tomorrow I'll start another round of revisions on my kick-butt query.

Ike: There's a hurricane a-comin'! Most of the school districts around central Texas are letting out early tomorrow in preparation for the storm. My brother and his wife work at Rice University in Houston and they have to stay for the kids in the dorm that they manage. We had other in-law family members from Beaumont who evacuated and are staying with another brother and his wife outside of Austin. I'm hoping the boss will let us go home early instead of having our scheduled staff development. I went to the grocery store tonight to buy some basic supplies in case our power goes out and wow, the shelves down the bread and water aisles were almost empty. Already. Good thing I went when I did! I'll give you updates if I can over the weekend and let you know how it's going. Good grief! I thought I left the hurricanes behind when I left Rhode Island!

To those of you in the path of Ike, stay dry and safe!

UPDATE 7:05 a.m. Friday: I fell asleep about 2:30. Got up at 6. Had some more caffeine. I'm good for a few hours.


TJ Brown said...

hey, if you want me to go over your query letter, let me know and i will. That's one thing I do well:)

Lexi said...

Whoohoo! Cool! Thanks, Teri. I'm going to beat it into submission sometime today or tomorrow.

Cat Schield said...

Hey, I didn't say your query letter was horrible, I said it was cute. And it was. 'Cuz you are.

Today I heard a guy on the radio say he was going to ride out the storm in his one story on Galveston Island. Yikes. That's like standing in the middle of the road while a bus with no brakes heads your way.

I was trying to make as 12:00 contest deadline on Wednesday and did the same thing. Drank a diet coke and stayed up past curfew. Got 4 hours of sleep. Not enough for this girl.

Hang in their kiddo.

Tori Lennox said...

I hope you and all my other Austinite friends stay safe.

Anybody who's sticking around Galveston after the National Weather Service's announcement that "you WILL die" warning is an idiot.

Lexi said...

I know, Cat, but you were right. It would be a great start for a contemporary query, but since it's a suspense, I need to remember to put in...the suspense!

Lexi said...

Thanks, Tori. I'm not really worried because we're pretty far inland, but still...

And that guy? What an idiot!