Monday, September 08, 2008

Queries, Agents And Middle School Boys

Now that Danger is finished, I've turned my efforts to the glorious job of writing the query letter. No, make that the KILLER query letter. The super talented Laura Griffin offered to help me with my query so naturally it will be awesome...when I get it written...well, and revised. I spent part of today just throwing out phrases I thought might work in the query and tonight I tried to pull them together. When the words weren't coming as quickly as I wanted, I shifted gears and started researching agents.

It's been quite a while since I queried anybody on anything, so I'm taking my time and really trying to find out as much as I can about the people I'd like to query. I used the agent list given out at Nationals, the agent list on RWA National's website, and the website Agent Query. I do plan to look through Preditors and Editors too at some point this week. Anybody got any other places I can use for research? Or any recommendations?

Oh, and school? The glory of boys continues: In a matter of ten minutes I gave out 4 referrals for stupid play fighting (which led to real fighting) and throwing balls at girls over and over even after the girls asked them to stop. Uh, seriously, how long until our first break???


Cindy Procter-King said...

Lexi, it might be a good idea to join Publishers Marketplace for a month. I joined a few weeks ago, as I'm in an agent hunt as well. You really only have to belong for a month - it's $20 a month. You join, research the agents and agencies you're interested in, then just have to remember to terminate your subscription before your credit card gets charged again, LOL.

I'll probably stay on it for 2 months and then unsub.

Cat Schield said...

Good luck with the hunt. I gave up too soon, I think. I honestly think it's harder to find an agent than to get published. You get the feeling where editors are looking for new talent, agents get bombarded by so much stuff they're almost on auto pilot to reject you. Of course, I'm a big one for believing in kharma and fate bringing you the right person at the right time.

Lexi said...

Actually, Cindy, I have a couple of friends who are on PW and offered to research anyone I want more info on.

Cat, I do hear that it's harder to get an agent. But I'll keep trying anyway. I'm stubborn that way. :)~