Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Early But Not So Bright

Good morning! (It's cold, dark and dreary here, hence the title of the post.) I'm very excited and I wanted to share it with you. Nothing earth-shattering. Just that school is almost out for the holiday!!! I have today and a half day tomorrow, and neither day has any real teaching in it. Kids making up work, packing up the portable for the move, our Christmas party, the 7th grade play of their version of A Christmas Carol. I'm almost done my grading for the semester. I should be able to finish in an hour when I get home tonight. Then guess what? I get to work on Danger!!!! THAT'S what I'm so excited about. Ok, I guess I better finish getting ready for work and head out. I'll catch you later. Have a wonderful day!

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Bonnie Ferguson said...

That's awesome, Lexi! :)