Monday, December 15, 2008

Word Woes

Well, it's definitely a Word thing. I can open other applications on the computer and obviously I can still get on the internet. So I'm e-mailing important documents to myself and my friend/ computer expert is trying to arrange a time to help me reinstall Word before my vacation.

In the meantime, my campus is moving to the main school campus. (We've had separate campuses for about a year now.) So we have to pack everything and take valuable items out of the classroom for the move at the end of this week. Guess what I get to bring home? The PC in my room! So, if nothing else I'll be able to work on Danger's revisions (you know, all the revisions I've done by hand over the last week or so AND the last 2 chapters AND the Epilogue). I desperately want to finish it up and e-mail it to my CP just so I can have a true vacation and not worry about it over the holidays. (No, that time will be devoted to reading and working on one of the other two stories.)

But what did I do tonight after dinner? I did work for school, work that I could put off until next week. I finished reading the book I'm assigning 6th grade for break and then I started reading the book for 7th grade. This could easily be done AFTER Danger's revisions. Yes, friends, it's true. Tonight, I was guilty of procrastinating. I know, it's a shock since I've been doing well about NOT procrastinating, but the queen has to retain her title, right?


Travis Erwin said...

Hope you get your computer woes solved soon.

Lexi said...

Thanks, Travis. The initial panic is over at least.

Nita Wick said...

I'm sorry to hear about all the computer woes. Hopefully re-installing Word will fix it.

And I think I have your crown at the moment. October and November were so cram-packed with edits and then promo, I decided to take it easy for a little while. Now I'm finding all kinds of excuses to procrastinate on getting back to business. LOL I think I'll keep the crown for a couple more days, though, if you don't mind. You can have it back when school is out. ;-)