Wednesday, April 15, 2009

And We're Off!

Today marks the beginning of my Austin RWA's monthly writing challenge where we write at least 100 words a day until the next meeting. I skipped the challenge last month because I was in England and not in the mood. I almost backed out of this one, but fellow ARWA member Shari and I decided to harass each other into doing it. So I just whipped out a whopping 103 words. Yes, I'm done for the night. I have to finish critiquing "short" stories from some of my students. I finished most the stories by Monday. I had 2 left, one was 34 pages. Finished that one yesterday. Tonight I'm reading the 23 pager. Yeah, 23 and 34 page stories from 7th graders. And the best part? They're actually pretty awesome!

Hope you made it over the hump without much trouble!


Shari said...

I posted on the Yahoo group, but almost didn't make it! Only reason I went over was because I knew if I didn't lead up to what I need tomorrow I'd sit and stare at a blinking cursor for a long time.

Yay! Onward to another day!

Cindy Procter-King said...

Good luck!