Saturday, April 25, 2009

Broken Promises

Okay, I spent part of the day working on whatever came to mind. It is clear to me that Broken Promises is getting my attention instead of Fractured Paradise. While I still work on this fantastic story Fractured Paradise, Broken Promises has made more of an impact. ( I spent the afternoon at a bar with the intention of working on Fractured Paradise, but it didn't work.) So I'm thinking to do a BIAW with Broken Promises ideas since that story is so ingrained in my ideas. ACK! Such a commitment. Thoughts?

Oh yeah, and in this bar I had some Guinness and a hamburger. My diet isn't working. Up until today I'd been doing everything right, but I GAINED a pound last week! I got so frustrated but tomorrow I'll get back on it, though, and try again.


Tez Miller said...

What's a BIAW? (Sorry, I have brainfade ;-) )

Lexi said...