Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Coming Up For A Breath

NaNo is....starting to kill me. I'm closing in on 20,000 words and I can't think of any new scenes to write. Add to that, I'm starting to feel like what I'm writing I've written before. ACK!

BUT I have to remember that crap is okay in this situation. As long as I keep writing about these two particular characters, I'm good. New ideas may flow, no WILL flow, if I just keep the pen to the paper (or fingers on the keyboard).

Other things adding to the now building NaNo stress: I'm sick. I feel just bad enough to be grouchy but not bad enough to stay home from work. Although, yesterday I did beg the boss to let me leave early and I came home and slept all afternoon. I went to work today, but I'm popping pills and trying really hard to avoid double ear infections.

Day job work-I'm starting to feel a wee bit overwhelmed...

Oh, and going back to the story and NaNo, I'm actually wondering if my hero and heroine are meant to be together for a happily-ever-after. I know they're great together here, but I don't know if it can last. ACK!

What's up with you?


Unknown said...

Oh, can I sympathize. I was writing this stuff, totally feeling like I was repeating myself, then I realized, that might not be a bad thing. At least I'm getting something on the page and being consistent.

As for new scenes, do what I did, make something horrible happen. Doesn't matter what, just put them in a bad situation and the rest will just flow. And they are meant to be together. The fact that they're in conflict is supposed to be a good thing. Just make sure it's not all fighting. Toss in a little something, if you know what I mean.

Sorry you're sick. That really makes it hard to get up the energy to write.

I'm thinking about you. Sending healthy thoughts your way!

Gary said...

Sometimes the antihistamines will fuzz the imagination. But, sometimes they will highten it.

Good advice from Cat, use a situation. Good. Bad. It doesn't matter. Doesn't even have to pertain to a current scene. May be able to use it somewhere later. May be you'll throw it out. The words count.

Get well soon, but there's a lot of days left in the NaNo month.