Friday, November 27, 2009

Freaky Friday

Are you one of those mad Black Friday shoppers? If so, good luck to you! Well, since it's 10 o'clock I guess you might be finished. So I hope you got everything out of the experience that you wanted.

I ate too much yesterday and had a very stressful time watching the Texas Longhorns play last night. I went to bed early and I only wrote 689 words. That part is okay, but now I've still got 4,748 words to go and no new ideas to play with. UGH. Add to that, my blog friends are hitting 50,000 words and that's making me anxious to join them across the NaNo finish line.

Today is another day with the family, but I'm bringing my notebook and I intend to get at least 2,000 more words done.

Have a great rest of Friday!

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