Monday, February 01, 2010

February Already????

Keeping busy over here. How about you? I've been applying for other jobs, not studying much Spanish, writing and proofing articles for my examiner page. (London Eye went up today, Hampton Court Palace Thursday and Sachsenhausen concentration camp Saturday!)

I did start reading that Kay Thomas book I have on the side. Sad to say I have yet to finish a book this year. I can't seem to find the time, energy or interest to sit and read. This one had a pretty good beginning so I'm hoping it'll work.

I did actually write a bit on Reluctant Witness today and I realize how much I miss writing more creative stuff. BUT, the desire to be creative keeps me searching diligently to find another job that will allow me to write more.

I've pretty much decided that I want to enter the new suspense in the Daphne and the short contemp (and possibly the suspense) in the Golden Claddagh. Both stories start out with fantastic openings and I'm pretty sure I can whip the 1st chapters into contest shape before the deadlines.

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