Monday, February 22, 2010

Tuesday...With A Chance of....Snow?

Yes, that's right. They're predicting snow tomorrow in TX. A lot of TX. Not so much in Austin, although we're hoping! The kids didn't talk today about a "bad weather day" off from school, but I can promise you all the teachers were praying for it! There are just too many variables right now to pinpoint what our weather will be. We're right on the cusp between the snow and sleet line. I'll let you know what happens.

Sent off my contest entries for my new suspense and my new short contemp. (Did I tell you that already?) I had a WONDERFUL day writing yesterday, well morning anyway. I love my new stories, too, although my muse and I are still in the "Honeymoon Stage" with both stories. The knock down drag out fights are coming.

Watched one of my favorite shows tonight, 24. Now, I love Jack Bauer, but this whole secondary plot is horrible. At one point tonight I got all excited because I thought one of the regulars (a chick I can't stand) was going to get shot. Sadly, she's fine and continued to do stupid things. And drag her fiance into her stupidity. (What is he thinking???)

Lenten total: $4.20 (mostly from me yelling at that stupid chick!)

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Anonymous said...

Yay that you had a wonderful writing day and that you love your new stories! :)