Saturday, May 17, 2008

The Firefighter and the Single Mum

A Review by Lexi Connor

Sometimes a girl needs a good old-fashioned romance and this book by Laura Iding fits the bill for me. The sexy firefighter is Austin Monroe, a man with the reputation of breaking hearts all over town. The single mum is Lindsey Winters, a nurse who’s been trapped in a loveless marriage to Austin’s partner. When Lindsey’s husband dies at work the day after she tells him she wants a divorce, Austin vows to take care of her and her young son, Josh. But Lindsey pushes him away, determined to take care of herself. Months later, Austin is called to a fire where he finds Lindsey and Josh. He insists they move into his house until their house is renovated. But living with a woman he’s secretly wanted for so long soon releases all sorts of emotions and confusion for Austin. He realizes he wants to settle down and Lindsey and Josh are just the family for him. Now all he has to do is convince Lindsey how perfect they are together.

Ms. Iding brings us two realistic characters that I thoroughly enjoyed. Austin and Lindsey are people we can easily relate to who experience love, pain and hope through the course of the story. At times I was frustrated with them and some of their decisions, but I kept turning pages, eager to see how the author brought them together after events that could clearly drive two people apart. I had faith in Ms. Iding, though, and she didn’t let me down. The Firefighter and the Single Mum is 100% a feel good romance, one I’m so thrilled I had the chance to read!

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