Monday, May 12, 2008

Monday Miscellaneous

Writing: I've got one more week until my 100 words a day for 100 days is over. THEN I'M TAKING A BREAK! Well, not much of a break. I'm going to focus my energies on Danger's revisions. The next book is already percolating. The last few days I've been writing scenes for that book during my 100 words a day challenge. That hero and heroine are going to be perfect for each other. I can already tell!

Daphne: I entered the Daphne and was upset when I didn't final (because I'm a KOD member, and I LOVE the chapter and the party they put on at Nationals). Today I got my scores back and I'm totally okay with not being a finalist. The judges' comments were very helpful and I agree with many of their points. My scores weren't as bad as I thought they'd be. Plus, some of the suggestions the judges made I've already corrected in the current version of the opening! I'll enter again in '09...well, I really hope I won't be eligible next year, but you know what I mean.

School: I'm taking an online class on sexual tension through Celtic Hearts. Wow! What an awesome class! I don't post to the loop, but I read all the e-mails that come through. The instructor gives homework, people post their homework, then the instructor posts her critique of the scenes. That's where I'm learning the most. And it's not like I don't know this stuff already. As I told the instructor, I've got some scenes that are absolutely charged with sexual tension (or just general tension for a suspense) and then some scenes later on that lack any kind of spark. I'm really looking forward to putting what I'm learning to good use when I work on Danger's revisions AND start playing with the new couple.

Auction: I surfed Brenda Novak's website to take a peek at the auction she's having for diabetes research. Some of the items being auctioned off are phenomenal! I wish I had money to spend! You should check it out if you haven't done so already.


Kelly Boyce said...

Glad you got great feedback on the contest Lexi! That is usually much more helpful in the end.

Lexi said...

You're so right, Kelly! And thanks dor leaving a message. I've been feelin' kinda lonely.