Sunday, May 25, 2008

Happy Birthday!

Today I get to wish my grandfather a happy 89th birthday! Twice this past year I thought I was going to lose him, to the point that I cried for hours and even thought of flying back up to RI to see him one last time, but both times he defied the odds. This man has nine lives and he's only on number 7! My mom is having a party for him today at his assisted living place and I wish I could be there. Yes, his stories of when he was little in England, when he worked and moved to the US, and when my mother was growing up ALL get old, but they are as much a part of my life as he is. Happy Birthday, Granda!

As for me, I'm going to celebrate by reading, going to the gym, going to the grocery store and writing. He often asks about my writing and sometimes it's, "Aren't you done with that book yet?"


Travis Erwin said...

Happy Birthday to your grandpa.

Shari said...

WICKED is one of my favorite reads - hope you're enjoying it! I took it on vacation and couldn't put it down.

Happy BD to your grandpa! It must be hard not to go and be with your family.

Lexi said...

Thanks, Travis!

Lexi said...

Shari, I am loving it! As for the family, sometimes it's great being away. I get to miss all the family drama!