Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Nim's Island Take Two

Because I've been working my butt off at the day job, I decided to take today off and play. Today I'm only in writer-mode. I intend to work on Danger for quite a while this afternoon and evening. Before that, I intend to go see Nim's Island.

Now, I tried seeing Nim's Island one weekend and I left half an hour before the movie started. I missed it. The theatre was one I'd never been to in a part of town I don't frequent and I couldn't find it. Not even an hour after I left the house. But today I will win! I'm going back to the same area and I will find that theatre! I'm leaving an hour before the move starts and I won't come home until I find it!

Wish me luck on my adventure!

LATER: I found the theatre, wrote for a bit, watched the movie (it was cute) and came home. Then I dove into Danger. I'm excited again about the story and all I plan to do to make it awesome. But do you notice that greatness often starts with chopping huge chunks, sometimes pages, out of the manuscript?


Kelly Boyce said...

Glad you made it to the movie! And having cut out huge chunks in my ms, I'm going with 'yes, cutting chunks equals greatness'. ;)

TJ Brown said...

I am glad you enjoyed your day off. My problem is that I don't get any!

Unknown said...

Glad you found the theater. Movies are my favorite way to unwind. Luckily my favorite theatre is less than a mile from my house. I'm hoping when my daughter gets old enough she will get a job there so she can sneak me in for free.

As for the cutting, yes, yes yes. It stinks to toss out what you've put so much energy into, but sometimes, it has to be done!

Lexi said...

Kelly & Cat, yes, the story is so much stronger already, so I KNOW cutting can be beneficial. But it still stings!

Lexi said...

Teri, you have to TAKE them! After all, if you don't take care of yourself you won't be able to take care of those around you.