Sunday, May 15, 2005

Out of the Ashes...

So, here we are. Sunday evening. I've been writing most of the day. Things are slowly getting back on track. I've done some serious soul-searching over the last few days about my friend, her death, this story, and about where I want to go with my books.

I have decided that I may not be writing romantic suspense after all. I may be more "suspense with romantic elements" than anything else. Now, I know some people who read that will say, "What's the difference?" For me, I think it's more a state of mind than anything else. As an ARWA colleague told me last year at Nationals, I like to read romance, but I don't necessarily like to write it. Yes, I have to have some kind of romance in my stories, but it can truly be very little. I'm much more fascinated and intrigued by the suspense, the danger, the crimes.

As a writer, I've also figured out where my "dream house" is. Bottom line, I would LOVE to be a Silhouette Bombshell author. Since these books aren't your average romances, I think my stories would fit perfectly into this line. It's as if this line was created especially for me as a reader and a writer. So, I will continue to create the best stories I can and target Bombshell. I can't tell you what a wonderful feeling that is to know exactly where I want to be!

As for the story, I changed the beginning. Instead of starting it off in the traditional "get hero & heroine together asap" fashion, I decided to add in a murder scene to show right off the bat that this is not your ordinary romance. I'm so much happier with it and I think it's safe to say I can move forward with it!

Now, the only trouble is, I keep flipping back and forth between two different titles. Under Cover of Darkness or Amazing Grace. I like them both for different reasons. Any opinions?


Nic said...

Amazing Grace sounds too much like an inspirational romance, not a Bombshell title. IMO, I'd stick with UCOD.

Lexi said...

See now, I love the song Amazing Grace but I didn't for once think of the book in an inspirational way. Of course, that could be because I know the whole story. A few people have commented that I keep UCOD. Thanks for your input, Nic!