Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Book 1, Book 2, Book 3--Oh My!

Just so you're kept up to date on my manuscripts and the craziness that has overtaken my brain:

FP- The one that's "finished". The one that has won or finaled in 5 contests this year. The one that needs to be revised.

TCAFS- The current one. The one I expected to finish while I was laid up from surgery. The one I've barely worked on since surgery. (Although, a few people have commented that that's from the anesthesia. Go figure!) The one I'm now trying to reorganize and finish the rough draft during my vacation.

HC- The next one. Yeah, it was going to be something else, but this hero has quietly demanded that he be next. Him, I know pretty well. As for his heroine? I ain't got a clue. Luckily he's promised to talk to me during my trip so I can start brainstorming scenes and conflicts for him.

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