Sunday, June 10, 2007

You Won't Believe It!

I'm here in Dublin. The trip across the pond was harrowing- 23 hours to get from Austin to the hotel lobby in Dublin. Lots of delayed/ missed flights, lots of running through airports and lots of confusion! But I got here and the weather is PERFECT! Sunny and warm, no clouds in the sky and it's been that way since Friday. (And of course I didn't bring any T-shirts or short sleeved shirts! Well, I'll just have to buy some, won't I?)

I've been to the Guinness Storehouse, the Old Jameson Distillery, Trinity College for a look at the Book of Kells and St. Patrick's Cathedral. Plus we've hit several shopping places around downtown Dublin. Just relaxing now and thinking of going to have another Guinness. Tomorrow we head out for the south of Ireland. The only stop I know for sure is Blarney Castle where I hope to kiss the blarney stone.


Kelly said...

Have a wonderful trip! Glad the weather is great and that you managed to get there safely after such a looooong journey!!

Cat Schield said...

Oh sounds like fun! I love to travel. Especially out of the country. If you have time keep a journal of all your experiences, especially the small weird things you notice. It will make for great reading when you get home.

Have fun!

Kerry Blaisdell said...

Take lots of photos! I soooo lurve the Isles. :?) Have fun, and I can't wait to read all your adventures when you get back!

Nita Wick said...

I can't wait to see those pictures when you get back!

I hope you're having a wonderufl time!