Friday, June 01, 2007

Celebrate With Me!

I got my scoresheet back from the Merritt judge today. It was good. She said, "The author has a distinctive voice and she sets up a compelling situation." She pointed out what needed work and then ended her comments with, "After some revision I would be interested in reading this book."

At first, I was disappointed because I thought, "How do I make those changes???? I can't do it! There's just no way!" But then reality set in. This is a request. This is a type of request I haven't gotten before. No one's ever made suggestions and said resend the same manuscript. Usually I get a "no" on what I send with a "please send something else". So, after sending a few e-mails to writer friends, I decided to view this as the good thing it is!

Now, I just have to buckle down and get busy....while I'm getting ready for my trip, finishing the rough draft of the 2nd book and brainstorming the 3rd. I don't have much pressing between now and when I leave and so I thought to throw myself into a revision hell so I could send it out to her before I go to Ireland, but that may not be possible. Oh well. Bottom line is I've got another request! And what was I thinking?! OF COURSE I CAN DO IT!


Bonnie Ferguson said...

That's awesome, Lexi! Of course you can do it! :)

Lexi said...

Thanks, Bonnie! I've decided to send the editor a letter thanking her for picking the manuscript as 1st place and then letting her know I'm doing the revisions she suggested and will get it out to her ASAP. I figure it can't hurt and it'll make me feel better about not being able to send it soon.

Travis Erwin said...

Every step forward is a big deal for those of us chasing publication. Congrats.

I've always found it easier to accept and even embrace editing suggestions a few days after they are made. My initial reaction is how am I ever going to do that but then after it sinks in I'm like yeah I can do this.

Lexi said...

Hey, Travis! Thanks for dropping by.

You're right. Stepping away for a bit is ALWAYS a good idea.

Cat Schield said...

Hey Lexi that's awesome. I took 2nd in the same category and she said with revisions she said she'd also like to see mine. I just got home from the WisRWA conference (it totally ROCKED) and Anna DeStefano did a workshop on rewriting. She suggested sending a list of what you plan to revise back to the editor to get clarification on the changes you're going to make. Since you're sending her a thank you note, you might include your ideas for revisions. It might make the difference between being asked for a partial and a full. Best of luck

Kerry Blaisdell said...

Congratulations on the great rejection! *:?) Those are the kind you want -- and kudos on buckling down and doing the revisions. Good luck!!