Monday, January 05, 2009


It's amazing what pictures and the right song will do for my writing. (Anybody else agree?) I spent part of Sunday searching for the perfect pictures of the actors and actresses I imagine would be best to play my next 2 couples (you know, if the books were ever movies). When I found what I was looking for, I started feeling good about my next story again, Broken Promises. I've kinda been going back and forth about whether I actually want to continue writing it, but it's got close to 40,000 words already, so why not? But still I worried because everyone says if you don't love what you write no one else will.

Well, let me just say the Hollywood couple who'd have the starring roles are already doing their jobs! All day as I looked at the pictures, I liked the story a bit more. I can already feel the tension between the characters, can see them falling in love and how difficult it will be for them to give in to each other. The story has so much potential and I'm so excited to get busy shaping it into the best story it can be. And then last night I found one song that fits the couple perfectly and it was all by accident.

The audience will love my new story because WOW, these characters are honorable, courageous, loving people who have some very tough decisions to make before they'll get their happily ever after! But they can do it and so can I! Woohoo!!!


Kelly Boyce said...

I always have to have the pics for my characters to start with. I scour magazines and the internet to find the right face if I don't already have them cast as a 'name'. Then I usually try to find some scenery pics too to give me a feel for the setting.

Lexi said...

I can't believe how much of a difference it has made in my attitude toward the story, Kelly!