Saturday, May 16, 2009

Family, Writing And Margaritas!

Family- My mom and stepdad are in town and this weekend my stepdad has gone to stay with his sons for a "Men's Weekend". So mom and I have been left on our own, which is totally fine with us! We've been going out to eat each of the last few nights and we're planning to go again today. We end up having great conversations...and a couple margaritas. I love spending time with my mom, but then I haven't been writing as much as I want. My revision deadline is creeping up on me and I'm not focused most of the time. (And the Brenda Novak Diabetes Research auction is ALSO taking my concentration!)

Writing- It amazes me how people don't understand that writing is a job for me. No, I'm not getting paid yet for my stories, but I usually treat this "hobby" as my 2nd job. When I talk about writing, it's ALWAYS in a professional manner and I have absolutely no doubt that I will sell (...eventually). In the course of my conversations with my mom over the last few days, we've talked about my writing. Yes, she's very supportive, but she doesn't get it. We talked about me "going back to school" to become a school counselor and she said that I'd probably have to put the writing on hold for a while. My immediate response was, "I'm not sure I'm willing to do that." I guess I'm mentioning this because it feels weird and wonderful at the same time. I feel like a member of a secret society that only other like-minded people can understand. I don't want any other career. I intend to eventually live my dream. It's just odd to me that someone who's always so supportive doesn't tend to be as sure about that as I am.

Margaritas-They also take my concentration, but they're so good! I figure my mom & stepdad will be leaving soon and my life will get back to "normal" for a while. Then I should be able to knock out Danger. Speaking of which, I'm off to start working on it. Well, once I check on the auction and the items I've already bid on....


Kerry Blaisdell said...

I hear ya, sistah! Open my mouth about writing, and the eyes of family and friends alike glaze over. They just don't get it. But they try to be nice about it. Mostly. ;) Raise a glass for me - I could do with a nice frosty drink right about now!!

Lexi said...

I'll definitely raise a glass to you!