Thursday, May 14, 2009

Something's Gotta Go, Something's Gotta Give

So I'm working hard on my Danger revisions and I've come across some AWESOME phrases, descriptions and scenes. And then I pulled out the virtual knife, in the form of the highlighter and the delete key, and started slicing away all the debris. With my new and improved heroine, a lot more has to change, but I'm so excited to see where she and the hero lead me. I can tell they're going to have some awesome words for me in the coming chapters (thanks to my lovely and talented muse, Caitlin!). I'm in a good place to start tomorrow, ending chapter 2 with a better hook and then organizing the revamping of chapter 3.

While I'm hard at work, have you heard of/participated in/visited Brenda Novak's Diabetes research auction? It's an annual event with lots of neat prizes to bid on. Last year was the first year I even looked at the website. This year I'm following it a bit more and I've even toyed with the idea of bidding on something. I don't have a lot of cash to spend, but contributing to diabetes research is definitely a worthy cause. Check it out here if you've got the time or inclination to participate!


Brenda Novak said...

Thanks so much for your support of my auction, Jaci. I can't tell you how much I appreciate it. Our goal for this year is $300,000. We're at $130,000 right now so...might not make it. But there's a lot of fun things going on and I think everyone's having a great time. I started something new this year--Easter Eggs. These are basically items I'm giving away for free (they cost somewhere close to $1 but they're worth much more). Hurry over! I just listed some pearl and silver earrings as a BUY IT NOW FOR $1 item, and they come in the prettiest little hummingbird box.

Brenda Novak

Lexi said...

Well, thank you, Brenda, for visiting, although Jaci will be very upset you didn't leave a comment on HER blog! I'll be heading to the auction again over the weekend when I have some free time. Good luck!