Sunday, May 31, 2009

Mattie Revisited

I don't know what it was (Jessica Scott's ripping apart of my story, the workshop yesterday, or the writer chatting afterward), but SOMETHING is working! My heroine, Mattie, was quite wimpy and teary in the last version of Danger. I knew I had to make changes and I knew what kind of heroine I wanted, but I couldn't seem to get my version of her to come out on paper. Tonight I DID IT! With one scene added into the story in chapter 6 that displays her exactly as I've always wanted, I finally figured out how she has to be written. She finally feels right to me. Of course, it was a "Duh" moment (I have a lot of those), but I'm just psyched that another piece of the puzzle fell into place for us. Whoo-hoo!!!!


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