Saturday, May 09, 2009

To Make Myself Feel Better

I went to my favorite bookstore and spent some cash. To deal with my current character issues (my heroine is much different than any other heroine I've written and I'm having a hard time showing how awesome she is), I asked some of my local writers for advice. The lovely and talented Laura Griffin suggested this book by Dwight Swain to help me and I'm excited to start reading it.

Then, I decided to buy a few Harlequin books. You know, for market research.
I couldn't resist this cover with the guy and the baby!

And of course, what trip to the bookstore would be complete without Harlequin Intrigues? I have to tell you this one by Dana Marton did not appeal to me until I read the back cover blurb and read what Dana had to say about it on the Harlequin Intrigue Authors' Blog. The other one by Carla Cassidy has a former SEAL. Yum!


Travis Erwin said...

New reading material is like salve to a readers soul.

Lexi said...

Travis, ain't that the truth! Hopefully it'll work!

TJ Brown said...

Looks like someone has some good reading ahead of them!