Friday, September 24, 2010

More Squeeing!

HIS RELUCTANT PARTNER is printed and waiting for the post office to open tomorrow morning! I actually printed it, the synopsis and the letter to the editor in time for the post office today, but as I walked out the door I realized I had the old manuscript title on the letter and the current manuscript title on the manuscript & synopsis. By the time I revised and printed the letter and got up to the post office it was closed. BUT no worries! 9 A.M. tomorrow when the doors open I plan to be there to send my latest baby across state lines to NYC!

I already started my celebration with dinner out and some margaritas. Tomorrow is a WHOLE day away from the computer to tailgate and watch college football. Then Sunday I'll work on some critiques for friends and a bit o' reading. Then Monday I start back to work drafting the rest of HER HIGHLAND CHAMPION, the latest Scottish contemporary.

What does your weekend look like?


Cindy Procter-King said...

I scraped the patio fence/gate in preparation for priming and painting, hauled some huge tree branches around the year in prep for chipping, and got sick. Also wrote a blog post. Very productive, aside from the sick part.

Lexi said...

Feel better soon, Cindy!