Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Who? Where? What?

Who am I? Where am I? What day is it?

I didn't make the Top Ten on the Mills & Boon New Voices Contest. Good luck to the finalists! If you haven't read them, make sure to do so. I'm sure the contest will be tighter as it gets closer to the day one winner is announced!

I mailed my suspense and celebrated all weekend.

I've been reading and critiquing for a woman in my Austin RWA group. I also got to help both of my CPs!

I've started working on the rest of my Mills & Boon entry, Her Highland Champion. Watch my numbers start to skyrocket over on the side! I'm hoping to complete a really rough draft by the third week of October.

I've got a subbing job for each of the next 3 days. I'm so excited to be getting back into a school environment.

I'm hoping to get a chance soon to finish Elle James' book! I love it, but I've had other priorities the last couple of weeks.


Cindy Procter-King said...

Too bad about the contest, but great attitude. Keep on trucking.

Lexi said...

Thanks, Cindy!