Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Hounded But Happy

HOUNDED by my new hero and heroine to jump right into their story. They figure I've already handwritten 200 pages of a rough draft, so what's the big deal? Why do I need some time off in between books? Hounded also by the hero and heroine of the 3rd story to make sure I have good scenes for them in this 2nd story too. Even the heroine of the 4th story is dropping perfect one liners into my head for her. The only silent one is the brooding, tormented hero of the 5th book. The reluctant hero. I'm sure I'll soon start hounding him for little nuggets of information since he plays a minor role in book 2. (Although he is hinting that the heroine for his story isn't going to work out and that I should just leave him alone. I can sense that the woman I thought would be perfect for him isn't quite right. But there ain't no way I'm leaving him alone!)

HAPPY because I wouldn't want it any other way. Happy also because I now have 5 WHOLE DAYS to spend however I want! I intend to read, write, type, watch some movies, watch a little football and maybe do a little work for school.

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Elisabeth Naughton said...

Hope you got to do all the things you wanted on your days off!

Glad to hear the new wip is percolating. :)