Monday, November 14, 2005

So Long, Farewell...

Today I dropped UNDER COVER OF DARKNESS in the mail to the editor. Almost 18 months after it was first started. 15 months after it was first requested. 2 months after it was last requested. It's been a wild and emotional day, but I'm so proud of my work.

First, my printer has issues. I changed cartridges on Friday only to find that it wouldn't print AT ALL then. I e-mailed tech support. I read the manual. I followed the manual instructions. I followed the tech support instructions. I waited a day. I followed a few of my own instructions. (And heard some really bad noises.) There was absolutely no way I'd be able to print the manuscript unless I went to a copy place.

BUT THEN...My brilliant CP stepped up and offered to print my baby, the query, and the synopsis AND THEN she offered to meet me during lunch today so that I could still make my self-imposed deadline. How wonderful is she?

SO, my printer is still not printing. A computer guru from work is giving me more advice. I still have my GH entry to print.

But my baby has flown the coop.

I usually love printing a manuscript out, taking my time to put the package together, whether a partial or complete, and allowing the pride in my work to dominate my world for those few hours. Without my printer, I was deprived of that yesterday and I think I miss the closure of that experience. Yes, Grace and Ethan will be around in at least the next 2 stories, but my time to say goodbye to them as a main couple was cut short. Still, they needed to go. I needed them to go.

I learned a lot about myself over the last 17 months and I know I've grown tremendously as a writer in that time. Regardless of the outcome of the trip to the editor, the chapter contests, and the GH, I will always love this story and I will always be thankful for the chance and ability to share it.


Anonymous said...

Congratulations and best of luck to you!!

Elisabeth Naughton said...

Good luck in the GH! What category did you enter?

Lexi said...

Thanks to both of you! Elisabeth, I entered romantic suspense. I'm printing off my six copies of the partial as I type.