Monday, November 07, 2005

Meet The Heroine of My Next Book

Chris: Jacey, I've been rereading the 200 pages I wrote for you over the summer and there's a huge problem.

Jacey(glaring at me from across the room): What?

Chris: The plot is too close to Grace's. I don't know how much of that 200 pages will still make sense.

Jacey: As long as Ryan and I get all the love scenes you've created for us. (Stalking toward me) And I do mean ALL the love scenes.

Chris: (Rolling my eyes)

Jacey: Hey, don't roll your eyes at me!

Chris: But there's more to your story than just sex.

Jacey: I know, but don't stress so much about it, Keach! Just let us tell you our story in our own time.

Chris: (Now glaring) I don't want to wait for over a year and a half like I did for Grace and Ethan's story.

Jacey: Oh, there's no way in hell I'll wait that long. Don't you worry. If you sit back, relax and let Ryan and me do all the work, we'll have this done quicker than a Curt Schilling fastball.

Chris: Okay, and in layman's terms how long will that be?

Jacey: A couple of months. 4 tops. I guarantee it. BUT of course, that's if you'll quit your bitching and just listen to us.

Chris: Bitching? What are you talking about?

Jacey: You know exactly what I mean. We can't help you if you don't shut up.

Chris: Okay, okay. I promise to write the story you dictate to me instead of what I think I want to happen.

Jacey: (Plops her elbow on the desk and rests her chin in her palm) Good girl. (With a twinkle in her eye and a mischievous grin, she adds): Now, back to these love scenes...

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Good luck with the new book!