Monday, November 28, 2005

Remember To Breathe

I've been feeling very overwhelmed lately and I've just decided to take a breath. SOOOO many things are happening around me, with me and yet I keep adding more. I've got an exam to study for, a Christmas party, a stampin' party, a book I'm reading, a book I want to be writing, progress reports to organize, essays to grade, other tests to grade and send notes home about...and all this is within the next 5 days!

My book is going to have to wait. Surprisingly, that's okay with my hero and heroine. They know that I intend to do their story justice and so they're willing to wait and let me get a little settled before I dive back into their story.

Then tonight, I got a call about that ESL volunteer job. They want me for the Monday night class for the next 2 weeks and then for next semester! I jumped at the chance, but that's just something else I've added to my pile. Of course I want to do a great job and I want to keep working hard for my day job. But there never seems to be enough hours in the day!

THEN, I found out one of my nephews had some medical issues today. He's fine, but my heart twisted inside my chest as I listened to the story. Once I talked to him and got him to laugh a bit, I felt a lot better. But then I remembered life is too short. Yes, I want to do a whole bunch of stuff, help others out, keep people happy around me, but you know what? I'm much too young to have a heart attack or stroke from stress!

So, earlier tonight, as I was making my to-do list, I decided just to stop. Instead of worrying about work, exams and ESL, I asked myself what I WANTED to do tonight. So, I'm reading Lisa Gardner. Tomorrow I can make a new list. I'm getting my priorities back in order and I'm going to be selfish for a little while.

The moral? Take care of yourselves.

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