Thursday, November 03, 2005

I just love my 6th graders! (For now. I'm sure if I give them time I'll want to strangle most of them again shortly!!) We had our Crash production tonight and it went so well. The skit was about 11 minutes long, they had a lot of good laughs and the few parents that came to the PTO meeting enjoyed it. I have to say, I was extremely disappointed with the turnout of parents and families. Most of the people there had a kid in 6th grade. That was it. Maybe a handful of parents with kids in other classes came. Very disheartening, but the class went and performed like troopers! We get to do it all again for the whole school tomorrow morning.

On the writing front, I mailed my GH entry form. First time ever!!! There's no turning back now, I guess! I also mailed out 2 contest entries. All three are for UCOD. I'm thinking of entering the one that got rejected by Bombshell in a few more contests and making it the single title story it was always meant to be. But, that's a ways off.

Over the last couple of days I've been critiquing for my CP Deb and I'm floored again by her talent! I literally read for hours and lost track of time! And now, I have to wait for the ending! How cruel is that?

Then, while I was reading her work, my characters (all of them, mind you!) started chiming in with little details of their stories. You know, the next 4 after UCOD. It's going to be quite a challenge but so much fun putting that series together. Now, I just hope someone buys them! To that end, I'm going to work on my synopsis tonight a little. Then this weekend my plan is to completely finish the revisions to UCOD so that I can send it back to my CP for a final read. I'm so excited about working on it and making the awesome story even better!

I've also started to seriously think about putting a website together. I am SOOOOOO not technical, but I figure it can't hurt to start now before I'm published. I'm going to reserve my domain. (See, I don't even know if I'm using the terminology right!) One step at a time. Maybe I'll ask for money for Christmas so that I can hire someone to take care of all the technical details for me. I just think I'm at the point in my writing career that warrants a website. I'm not published, but I feel so close. Hell, it still may be another few years before "The Call" comes through, but why wait?

Any thoughts, comments or suggestions on this topic are more than welcome. Well, I'm off to play with my synopsis and have a cup of tea. I'll update over the weekend with the details of my revision process, whether it's heaven or hell.

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