Wednesday, June 01, 2005

How Weird!

Woke up today and my knee is back to the way it was over the long weekend. Still a little stiff and sore, but nowhere near the pain I was in yesterday. I'm going to take some more aspirin and keep favoring it. We shall see!

I've got lots of little errands I MUST do today- pay some bills, turn in my contract for the next school year, order some business cards for Nationals, mail some cards.

Don't know when I'll get back to my book. I came home last night and decided not to write or read Jenna's work. I decided to finish the Bombshell I was reading (TARGET). Then I did start Jenna's next chapters, but I was tired and so I stopped after 2 chapters. Don't want to cheat her out of a decent critique! So, I picked up PARALLEL LIES by Kate Donovan and read the first 34 pages of that. When I finally shut off the lights, a wicked thunderstorm blew in. Didn't bother me, though. I fell asleep in the middle of it!

I'm hoping to get through at least another chapter or 2 on my own manuscript today and then get back to Jenna Stuart's manuscript. I'll let you know how successful I am!

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