Wednesday, June 29, 2005


Hello out there! I know I have been scarce this last month, but it has been for a good cause! I've been reading, relaxing, sleeping late (and staying up late), hanging out with family. It has been glorious!

Of course, I've been writing too. I'm up to page 102 on the new manuscript, which I LOVE!!! I have a few issues with some of the choices of the hero and heroine since I wouldn't necessarily make the same choices, but they're helping me through that. The hero has been MUCH more understanding of my hesistance, but the heroine just rolls her eyes at me and demands I "get over it". Ultimately, I am TOTALLY in tune with writing their story and so this book is coming along much faster and easier. I've got some AWESOME insights just in the last day and I can't wait to get some quality time to spend on the manuscript.

Still haven't heard from the agent (it's been the required 8 weeks for a response on a partial) or the editor (that's going on 9 1/2 months).

I guess that's all I have to report for now. I expect to be online more often over the next few weeks before Nationals. Until next time, I hope you are all doing well.


Elisabeth Naughton said...

Wait. Nationals is coming up?

Ay ya ya...something else to obsess over.

Glad to see you back. :) and way to go on the WIP. My characters are quite ticked at me at the moment because I ditched them to work on a requested revision. I'm afraid they might not be speaking to me when I get back around to working on them.

(They are so like greedy little children sometimes. LOL)

Jill said...

Glad the writing is going so well! Hope the agent gets back to you soon!