Saturday, June 04, 2005


It takes a confident woman to delete chunks of pages from a work in progress. Yes, that's me. Confident. I've spent most of the last 2 days cutting, pasting and writing. I've dropped some scenes that I originally wrote for this story last year, scenes that don't mesh with what I've got now and probably won't mesh with anything in the future.

As my finger hung above that delete button, a smile crept over my face. This is what it's all about. Making the story the best it can be. Knowing I'll be able to get to the ending despite pitching 20 pages today. And believing enough in my own talent and my characters to go through with hitting that button.


kacey said...

so when I "delete" stuff, I cut it and put it in my "outtakes" file. Have one for each book. Then I think I haven't really lost the pages...even though I'm never going to use them... *g

Lexi said...

Kacey, I usually do that, but for some reason this time it was more like therapy to just delete! Of course, a month or two from now when I'm in the thick of the next manuscript, I'll be bitchin' that I pitched those pages!

Donna Grant said...

Hi, Christine!

Good for you that you were able to delete. Here's to hoping you finish this one on time. :)


Jill said...

I hate losing pages! But you have a great attitude!