Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Really, Really

Can I just tell you how frustrated I am? I've been applying for ESL jobs overseas now for about 3 months, right? Well, I REALLY, REALLY want to work in the UK, but nobody will take me on without a work permit and I can't get a work permit without a job offer! Then, I check out the British Embassy website for some guidance and the information is even more confusing! Fifty zillion different types of permits and visas and a whole bunch of reasons to have a visa (none of which looks like my reason, mind you). Oh! And then there's the entry clearance forms and if you do any of this wrong they'll take your first-born as payment. Okay, maybe not. But man! What I want is simple. I want to do what I love in one of the countries that I love. Why does this have to be so hard???

On a happier note, I want to be Julie Kenner when I grow up! She spoke at my local RWA meeting tonight and it was awesome! She asked us ahead of time to e-mail any questions we had about the publishing industry and she'd answer them at the meeting. I leanred so much! She is just an amazing person and I REALLY, REALLY want to be her when I grow up!

Okay, I'm off to bed because I'm REALLY, REALLY tired after trying to decipher the visa/ permit/ clearance thing and then all the excitement of being inspired. But first...my 100 words for the day.


TJBrown said...

LOL I want to be Shirley Jump when I grow up:)

Michelle said...

Best of luck with a job possibility! Maybe see if you have friends with connections?