Sunday, April 02, 2006

What Was I Thinking???

So each of my classes does a book project every 2 weeks. They have to pick a book, read it and do a project on it showing me that they actually know what the story is about. They made a kite one time, a gameboard, a cereal box, a scrapbook, you get the idea. It takes the place of handwritten or typed book reports but still uses the same information like setting, theme, conflicts, characters, etc.

About a week ago one of my 6th graders said, "Ms. Keach, how come you don't do the projects with us?" My reply? "I already finished 6th grade." But, I told him I would do this project with them. Several of the goof-offs sat up straight and paid attention at that point. So, I promised that I would read a book and do a project on it too and if I didn't finish, then they wouldn't have to do these projects for the rest of the year. I went on to explain that if I picked one of their books, I would finish it in a day, so brilliant person that I am, I promised that I would read Harry Potter & the Order of the Phoenix. It's 870 pages!!!!!

So, now I have 5 days until this project is due and I stayed up last night until 2 a.m. reading. Yes, I'm enjoying the book, but I'm only on page 300! And yet I still have my ESL class to teach, my 100 words to write each day, and other miscellaneous stuff that we adults have to do.

Okay, enough whining. Must go read....


Michelle said... could probably start the project now, even without finishing the book....:) Good luck!

Elisabeth Naughton said...


Snuckered by a group of sixth graders.

I feel your pain.

Lexi said...

Michelle, yeah, but I'd feel guilty.

Elisabeth, it's not funny!! :)~

I'm doing okay, though. I've got less that 200 pages left now (on Monday night). I can do it!