Saturday, April 15, 2006

Still Working

Well, I didn't get my 3 queries for UCOD out this week. I just sent off 2. BUT, I plan to send another 4-6 by next Saturday. The best part? I like my query letter. I suppose that's a good thing. Before I know it I'll have my 12 queries, contests, etc. out and about. Then I need to pull a query letter together for Fractured Paradise. Course, it would help if I finished the first draft!

Only 30 more school days! And I heard that the place I plan to spend part of my summer now has Internet service! This will make my trip that much better! Maybe I'll stay an extra week or two.

Only 10 days left on my writing challenge, and I am soooooo ready for it to be over! Don't get me wrong. I've LOVED this experience, but it is so exhausting. Especially now that I've started a second manuscript, a suspense (you know, so I can get all those violent thoughts out on paper instead of bouncing around in my head!). As for the contemporary, I know I've got major revisions to do, but I'm running out of brand new scenes for it. Any writing I do now feeds off something that's already written. Hence the reason I had to start writing scenes for a new romantic suspense.

As for the working in a foreign country thing...I'm over it. I still would love the opportunity and I'll continue looking, but I'm not going to make myself crazy. I'm back to the idea that I'll have to start selling books (and continue teaching, of course!) so that I can spend my summers in my happy place and in other exotic locations.

Hope everyone has a Happy Easter weekend!

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TJBrown said...

I love puttering with two books at once, but one always captures my heart. And I know exactly what you mean when you can't think of any new scenes for a book. You may be able to revise it, but in it's present form it's very hard to add anything new. When my agent suggested I turn it to third person and add a whole new element... then I can add new scenes and shake things up. But it really takes something completely new.