Friday, July 21, 2006

Almost There

My "shitty" second draft is almost done. I can feel it. I've got about 30 pages left to revise and/or rewrite. I also boldly e-mailed my CP and promised to have the completed manuscript (which will go through yet another draft, the "not-so-shitty" one)to her on July 30. I just hope I can meet this deadline! (You know, practice for the real thing!)

I'm jealous of all you people who are gearing up for Nationals. I decided not to go this year because I want to save money for a wild and rockin' trip next summer. That was a great idea months ago, but as people keep posting blog posts and loop notes about Atlanta and all their grand plans, I'm starting to kick myself. I feel like an 8th grader who can't participate in graduation because she's not moving on to 9th grade.

I'm proud to announce another first sale for a chaptermate! Sherry Thomas of the Austin RWA chapter sold! Yay, Sherry! She writes historicals and has a really cool website, but I don't have the addy handy. I'll post it when I find it! If you're in Atlanta, look for Sherry. She'll be one of those fabulous people with the "First Sale" ribbons.

You know, the ribbon I plan to be wearing next year in Dallas.

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