Friday, July 28, 2006

Hormonal Brain Fart

I think that's what I was suffering from yesterday because today I absolutely LOVE my story again. I've done some repair work to the beginning, but it still needs some work. That's what super CPs are for! It's got so much potential and the series has so much potential.

Yes, I'm thinking in series terms again. But this time I'm not limiting myself like I have in the past. Book 2 doesn't rely on events of book 1. Each manuscript can stand alone with tiny inconsequential threads flowing through them all. I'm so excited about it, I've even thought of making a model of my little fictional village! I spent about 45 minutes tonight figuring out the work schedule of my hero and his employees. The specifics of who is working which days doesn't really come into play, but I really felt I had to have it nailed down in my mind in order to write the story correctly. I think that's one of the biggest differences with this manuscript. I'm investing a lot of time and energy into the fictional world surrounding my hero and heroine. I never realized just how important it is to know EVERYTHING about my characters and their world.

I will be so bold as to say I will finish this 3rd draft a day early! I'll be mailing it to my super CP tomorrow night. Sunday I plan to spend the entire day on the great agent hunt and on a query to my "dream line" for FP.

And dreaming of Nationals next year when I can attend again.

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TJBrown said...

Maybe we will meet at next year's nationals:)