Tuesday, November 28, 2006


Woohoo! I pulled an all-nighter and finished my GH entry. Maybe it wasn't the smartest thing to do, but it sure feels pretty good! It'll feel even better when I hand it over to the guy behind the counter at the post office this afternoon.

And you know the strange thing? Now that I can relax, read for pleasure again and watch mindless TV, you know what I've thought about doing? Starting work on the next book.

It's a sickness, isn't it?


Kelly said...

Congratulations! Good luck in the GH.

Nita Wick said...

WooHoo! Congrats Chris.

And yes, it is some kind of addiction or something. When I finish a book, I force myself to read a little before I start the next one. I don't allow myself to read once I've started writing one. (I'd never finish otherwise.) So pick up the latest books from my favorite authors and treat myself. :)

Karitown said...

God, I hear you. I'm printing my entries off as I write this and they are going in the mail too. Good luck.

Elisabeth Naughton said...

Congrats!! Woohoo, that's a great feeling, isn't it?

And way to go on the next book, too.

Stephe said...

Ooohhh, yes, it is a sickness indeed. Complete with fits and voices. LOL! And I wouldn't trade it for anything, not even when I've been in the same clothes for over 24 hours and have barely eaten or peed. You know the drill.

Congrats, Christine! And keep motivating me. Keep doing it...:o)

TJBrown said...

Yes, it is a sickness. I know I've never been the same:)

Lexi said...

Good luck to all of us who stick ourselves out there for others to view...our books, I mean.

Thanks for stopping by, Stephe!