Thursday, November 30, 2006

I'm Kinda Bored Now

Got confirmation today that my GH entry is in Houston. Yay!

Wanna hear a stupid human story? We have these lights that each condo owner purchases to put up outside for the holidays. Usually the condo complex people put them up for us. I saw some other condos with their lights up, so I decided to put the lights outside the front door so they could put them up if they came by. That night, I got home. No lights up for me. No bag sitting by the front door. Somebody swiped my Christmas lights! Ho, ho, ho.

Got another agent rejection today, but it was for my last suspense. It didn't affect me. Is my skin getting thick or is it just that I haven't been to that "world" in months?

I haven't started sending FP queries yet. I'm giving myself a few weeks off to relax. Well, okay, that won't actually happen. I've got the day job, Christmas shopping and preparing for my trip back to RI for Christmas. (I hope I get some snow up there!) I imagine that I will work on the next manuscript, but it'll be informal--whenever I want and however much I want.

I checked into setting up a website. I'm really wishing I had one up and running already and I'm seriously considering it soon. I think it's partly because I feel like I'm at a point in my career where I could really use one. The thing is I can't decide if I want to stick with my own name or use a pen name. Yeah, I'm a bit ahead of myself here, but it pays to be prepared. I just like both names. Hhhmmm, that will come in handy when I start publishing in 2 different genres, though. Again, getting ahead of myself. One book at a time...unless there's a two or three book contract. This IS the season for miracles, right?

See? I'm rambling. I could be reading the book I promised my advanced 5th graders I'd read with them. (They've all finished it.) I could be reading Merry Christmas, Babies. I could clean up a little around the house. Too many choices and nothing pressing. I don't know what to do with myself!!!

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Karitown said...

God I know the feeling. Both my books are out the door to my agent and she just sent them out to the editors. Now I just wait. I hate waiting. Ugh. And I have sooo much to do with christmas and all, but I don't know where it start, so I do nothing.