Monday, November 13, 2006


220 pages, 5 drafts and eleven months later, I've finally found out what my core story is for my contemporary.


TJBrown said...

Isn't it funny how things develop? Happy for you though. Hey, are you really able to work on more than one book at a time?

Kelly said...

Hey - better late than never!!

Elisabeth Naughton said...

ROFL. Glad you got there. :)

Lexi said...

Teri, I'm not sure I can work on 2 stories at once. I've always got ideas floating for both, but I'm still focused on the contemp. I jot ideas and scenes down for the next RS when they come up, but as for actually focusing on that one, I can't until after the contemp is done and in the mail for the GH.

Kelly & Elisabeth- yeah, I wonder, would I get through it quicker/easier if I was a plotter? Or would that just open a whole new can of worms?