Monday, July 16, 2007

Dallas And Beyond!

Wow! What an awesome time! My goal was to be more outgoing. I met a lot of wonderful people and had so much fun. I'll be posting some pictures soon and I'll go into some more detail about my week at the RWA National Conference. I'll just tell you that I learned A LOT! For now, I'm going back to the couch with a warm cup of tea because in addition to all the wonderful information I got at Nationals, I also caught a cold.


Elisabeth Naughton said...

Oh, God! Lexi, I hope you didn't catch that cold from me! I got sick on Wed. and was sick through most of the conference. Only really started feeling better on Sat - when I ran into you. So sorry if I was the culprit!!

It was so great to meet you in person. I sure wish we'd had more time to visit. Next year in SF we need to plan to hit the bar and just chill. :)

Lexi said...

No worries about the cold. I'm sure it wasn't you since we talked for less than a minute! Yes, it was great to meet you in person as well. As for SF, it's a date!