Friday, July 06, 2007

Ireland-Day 6-Ring Of Kerry

Today was still warm and it did rain a little, but not enough to mess with our plans. The scenery was ABSOLUTELY beautiful. Many hills, lots of water, some clouds and still sun. We stopped along many places for pictures. Here's me (yes, that's right! It's a couple of current pictures of me!) along the Ring of Kerry.

We went along to Valentia Island and the
Skelligs. I didn't really care about the Skelligs until I watched the video and saw what it was-a monastic community from the first century. Well, they're not really sure when it was used. Anyway, it was a rock island a ways off shore in the Atlantic Ocean. What a hard existence, but what an amazing retreat experience. Well, I could see the joys of retreating there, but DEFINITELY NOT living there. One of my friends has decided he wants to go back for a vacation to take a boat out to walk around on the rock. It's a legitimate excursion, but you have to wait for good weather so the boat can get out there safely.

These are just pictures from our stops along the bus route to, through and from the Ring of Kerry.


Nita Wick said...

Love the pics! Keep 'em coming!

Lexi said...

Nita, you've created a monster!

Pat Shagoury said...

Lexi, Finally got to look through your great pix. Wonderful review for me as I've done most of it, some more than once. Just returned from Cork myself a few weeks ago. Glad you got some nice weather. Best, Pat