Thursday, July 26, 2007


My original plan for today was to take a boat ride along Loch Shiel. I was very excited...until I saw the rain. It was a steady drizzle that cooled the air enough just to make it necessary for long sleeves.

Instead, I decided to sit inside the hotel and continue writing. I started out having breakfast overlooking the loch. Then I moved to the common room with comfy chairs, bookshelves and board games. I was alone there, but I loved it. After a while, I moved to the lobby and sat by the fire. I people-watched while I soaked up the heat of the fire and wrote some more. When I got hungry in the afternoon, I moved into the bar for tea and homemade scones & shortbread. Yummy! The sun did manage to peek out for a little while before the rain returned. I continued chatting with visitors and locals alike and indulged in a taste of the local brew. After dinner, I went back to my Tennent's Lager. One of the employees reminded me of Ivan Drago from Rocky 4. The one who became the evening bartender, the one who actually chatted with me about living and working in this area, was like a Scottish version of David Spade only younger.

I ran outside to take a couple more pictures and then hung out until closing. As I sat looking out over the night sky, I started to get misty-eyed. I LOVE this place. My heart feels good here and I so didn't want to leave the next morning. As for the writing, by the time I turned out the lights in my room, I'd finished 24 pages for the day! Not bad, huh?


TJBrown said...

Sounds like a luscious place. Sigh.

Bailey Stewart said...

Sounds like you are having a wonderful time. I don't blame you, I wouldn't want to come home either.

Congrats on the 24 pages!