Tuesday, July 24, 2007


Okay, so we're up to Day 12 of my trip back in June. Monday the 18th was the first day I was completely on my own. As much as I love being with my friends, I do cherish my alone-time too. This day was a lazy day for me. I slept late, finished reading the Harlequin Romance I was reading and then wandered into the city centre. Of course I shopped, played on the internet, shopped some more and ate. I went back to the cafe outside the castle that Sue and I ate in. While there, I started working on my characters and their personalities and conflicts. After a few hours, a couple of cups of tea and a scone, I moved on to do a bit more shopping before going back to Deacon Brodie's for dinner and a couple of pints. I didn't take any pictures today, but I'll throw this one of Sue's at you just so you have something to look at today. It's Edinburgh Castle from around the end of Prince's Street Gardens, I think. Isn't it magnificent? Just imagine trying to invade the castle by surprise from this angle!


Suzanne said...

Oh wow, I'm envious of your trip! That is a very cool picture!!

Lexi said...

Thanks, Suzanne. I wish I could take credit for that pic. I, of course, didn't have my camera ready when the tour bus stopped.

I hope you come back by to see the rest of my pics. And have a peek at the previous ones too!

Anonymous said...

It's fantastic! I *heart* castles! :)