Thursday, August 16, 2007

Blockages, Deadlines & Technology...Oh My!

I'm having a bit of trouble staying focused on my manuscript. There are no problems with plotting, no character issues sailing out of control. I keep finding awesome little snippets to add to the overall manuscript as well as specific scenes to add. I look forward to the time that I plan to spend at my computer. The problem is I just can't seem to get my butt in the chair to finish the work. It's very odd.

So my solution? A deadline. I've already given it to my critique partners. Now I'm giving it to you. I'm hoping that making it public will guilt me into getting to work! So, Sunday, August 26th my TCAFS story MUST BE FINISHED. Yes, I'll still have another draft to go, but the bulk of the work should be done. (I usually go through several drafts before I read my version of "The End".) Hold me to it!

Other things happening:
I figured out a writing schedule to coincide with the restart of the day job. During the school year, I often spend hours and hours on the computer because the writing work actually keeps me sane after long days with middle school, kids.

I've also figured out a few more points for my next contemporary, HC. I plan to brainstorm the characters, investigate their internal conflicts, and plot the novel the week after I finish TCAFS. I won't actually get to the writing of HC until December or January seeing as I have school duties and 2 manuscripts to revise. I might actually finish revisions before I expect, but I like to give myself some leeway (sp?).

My computer guru friend and I didn't meet last night. She'd forgotten a prior commitment. So, we're going to get together tomorrow night to have a couple of drinks and start working on my website. I'm SOOOOOOOOO excited!

After a long talk with an illustrator friend, I've decided to delve into the world of myspace. I've only looked at a couple of pages and the whole idea still freaks me out, but I figure I can't afford to miss out on the opportunity to reach so many people. My best friend had offered at one time to put a page together for me, so I'm hoping the offer still stands and that it's something we can do fairly soon.

Okay, I'm off to work on the manuscript. Well, after a stop at the store for some school stuff. And a birthday card....

OH! A HUGE HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO MY COUSIN, WHO TURNS 27 TODAY AND TO MY STEPBROTHER, WHO TURNS 41! I'm going out to dinner with my stepbrother, his wife and kids tonight to celebrate.

Okay, NOW I'm going.


TJBrown said...

I have done that weird thing... I will write a paragraph and then get up and do something... it is so nonproductive, but it only happens once in a while.

Nita Wick said...

You're lucky the day job hasn't started back yet. :) My son returned to school last Monday. My daughter starts college classes this coming Monday.

When you get that MySpace set up, send me a friend request!

Lexi said...

Hey, Teri. It turns out I was procrastinating. I didn't want to work on a crucial scene that was bugging the hell out of me.

Nita, MySpace doesn't seem to like me so it may be a while, but I'll let you know when it happens!

Michelle said...

Good luck meeting your self-imposed deadline, Lexi! It's never easy once teaching starts, but you'll get there. :)

Lexi said...

Michelle, I realized today that it's okay if I don't make the deadline as long as I'm making serious progress. I've been putting in the hours and getting FANTASTIC results, but it's just not going as fast as I thought it would. Still, I'd rather have good than fast!